Meet Our Founder

Ariel Green-Emery

Ariel is originally from North Carolina but she now lives in the D(M)V area i.e. Maryland for those who are not familiar. When she first moved, she did not know whom to talk to or where to start, so she just slowly begun networking by herself. By attending a few "Mix and Mingles" along the way she realized, out of the events she had attended, 1 of 2 things either happened; The events were too formal and someone just stood there telling you that “you too can be successful” OR it was a like  'Tinder' but face to face. 

On identifying in the need for well-rounded networking, right there she had the idea to form Evolve on Purpose (EOP). When people ask if, EOP is was created for career consulting, relationship advice, etc. she says it's going to beneficial to all of those needs.


We often look for groups for specific reasons, Ariel questioned, "Why not have a group to help your specific reason?".  Our events will focus on what is needed for each individual.  For example, at our events, our panel group has men and women, single and married, kids and no kids, business owners, and non-business owners.  Each event will appeal to a selected set of individuals' needs. 

Ariel Green-Emery

Founder of Evolve on Purpose

Our events are organized for people to be able to connect on all levels - from their Personal to Career Goals.                                

- Ariel Green-Emery